How Has The Route Changed From Initial Reports?

Utilizing an existing transmission corridor along most of the route, JCP&L sought to reduce the impact of the Montville-Whippany Reinforcement Project on communities and property owners. JCP&L also addressed several other locations along the route:

The Meadows Community in Montville: JCP&L has agreed to realign the present right-of-way to move the line farther away from the buildings in this community, pending the company reaching an agreement with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and the Meadows Property Owners Association.

Robert Lazar Middle School in Montville: Although the property conditions and location of the right-of-way do not provide many options for adjustment, the new structures will be placed the furthest away possible – at least 70 feet from the edge of the right-of–way. It is also important to note that the placement of the line in this vicinity actually will reduce the current Electric and Magnetic Fields which already fall below recommended guidelines.

The Montville Chase Community: The company is working closely with the natural gas pipeline company that owns right-of-way adjacent to the proposed line, in order to move the line further away.

The initial Preferred Route for Parsippany: This area of the shared right-of-way in Parsippany is too congested with preexisting utilities, so JCP&L opted to not include this site in the route.