Why the Montville-Whippany Reinforcement Project is Necessary

The proposed 230-kilovolt (kV) transmission line, known as the Montville – Whippany Reinforcement Project, will support the community during times of service disruption or peak energy usage to enhance service reliability, add redundancy to the system and meet the growing demand for power.

The $37.5 million project is part of Energizing the Future, JCP&L’s $250 million, multi-year transmission reliability program throughout its service area. JCP&L will utilize an existing transmission corridor along most of the route, which will reduce the line’s overall impact on communities and property owners.

JCP&L is constructing the project in response to directives from PJM Interconnection, the regional electric grid operator, which has notified JCP&L to address reliability issues that could impact electric service to customers by 2017. When completed, the new line will afford JCP&L greater flexibility for rerouting power and bringing additional electrical capacity to the area.